Located in Indian River County, IMG Citrus operates as one of Florida’s largest distributor of fresh citrus. A commitment to the industry, a fearless drive for innovation and a passion for growing has fueled the success of the IMG Citrus family of customers, vendors and partners worldwide. Today, thanks to its state-of-the-art facilities and processes, value-added branding and a culture based on providing win-win solutions, IMG Citrus serves the most demanding customers worldwide with healthy, fresh and delicious citrus year-round.






A vertically integrated Florida grower

We are distributors. We are marketers. We are packers. We are growers. We have a love for the 5,000 acres of land that we farm and the product that we market.

Through vertical integration, IMG Citrus has the experience and operational knowledge of each step in the fresh citrus distribution process; from growing and packing to marketing and distribution. We have a business model that provides efficient in-house cost structures and the financial stability to ensure the success of our partners and vendors.

Your summer citrus import partner

Fall, winter, spring or summer... we have fresh, juicy and delicious citrus ready for you.

Fresh citrus year round

  • Red Grapefruit

    Red grapefruit holds a special place in the hearts of loyal foodies and aficionado that rave of its exceptional health benefits and unique flavor. The tart and tangy taste with an underlying sweetness is building a steady following within a younger generation and establishing a rivalry niche to the ever popular orange.

    Availability: August – April
    Origin: Florida, Peru
    Varieties: Pink, Red, Ruby Red
    Health facts: Excellent source of Vitamin C & A. Great source of fiber and potassium

  • Lemons

    Lemon is a hybrid between a bitter orange (sour orange) and a citron, believed to have originated in northeast India. Today it is an ever popular citrus used in cooking and household products, and acclaimed for its taste, nutritional and medicinal qualities.

    Availability: June – September
    Origin: Chile
    Health facts: Great source of Vitamin C and low in calories.

  • White grapefruit

    The grapefruit of the connoisseurs, white grapefruit offers the fresh sweet and tangy taste of grapefruit and a lower calorie count than its red counterpart. It has been a favorite in countries such as Japan, and gaining popularity with foodies worldwide.

    Availability: October – April
    Origin: Florida
    Health facts: Excellent source of vitamin C and A.

  • Oranges

    This ever popular citrus variety accounts for the largest citrus production crop in the world.  Year after year, oranges continue to top the list of the most consumed fruits in the world. The recent trends for non-processed juicing are further driving fresh orange consumption to steadily increase.

    Availability: Year round
    Origin: Florida, Peru
    Varieties: Juice, Navels, Valencias
    Health facts: Excellent source of vitamin C and high in fiber. Plus they are great sources of folate and thiamin.

  • Mandarins

    Mandarins are a growing item in the citrus aisle. Smaller than an orange and with a looser skin, mandarins provide solutions to a growing demand for on-the go, easy to eat, kid friendly snacks.

    Availability: September – May
    Origin: Florida, Peru
    Health facts: Great source of Vitamin C and low in calories.

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Value added branding

State of the art facilities

• Electronic pre-grading

• D-pack packaging machine

• 12,000 sq/ft refrigerated distribution facility

• In-house food safety lab

Award winning food safety program

Culture of transparency

Our team is committed to communicating openly and honestly, finding creative solutions and building long-term relationships. We believe that together we are stronger. And together we can be successful while delighting consumers worldwide with citrus grown responsibility.

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Domestic Sales
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Import/Export Sales
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Import/Export Sales
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Where tradition meets innovation

Family owned and operated for over 35 years, IMG Citrus was founded by Michel and Veronique Sallin. Born and raised on a French farm, Michel has a genuine love for sustainable agriculture and an entrepreneurial spirit that fuels a passion for using the most innovative processes and technologies.

Together, Michel and Veronique bring visionary leadership and a relentless ability to create opportunity out of adversity. From citrus freezes in the 1980's, to hurricanes and greening threats, adversity is no stranger to IMG Citrus. Each challenge is embraced as an opportunity to grow and improve. With determination and an unwavering commitment to the industry, IMG Citrus is poised to continue to grow for generations to come.

Today, a second generation of family-operators is involved and working alongside the most professional industry leaders that make up the IMG Citrus team. We are excited about the future, and invite you to be part of the journey with us.