Grower working with growers

Sweet, sustainably grown, sun-soaked citrus.

The most professional Chilean growers

Infrastructure and assets to deliver quality and volume

The consistency and reliability of our exclusive Chilean partners allows us to fulfill our Summer Citrus programs delivering the quality, volume and specs requested by our retailers. Our Chilean partners grow fresh mandarins, lemons, and navel oranges. They operate impressive state of the art packinghouse facilities, and have a culture of process improvement and lean management that ensures taste quality, food safety and efficiency throughout.

Strategic distribution model

We supply the Southeast US market with fruit imported into the port of Miami rather than the traditional northern ports. Our distribution and packing center is strategically located in the Southeast and in close proximity to the port of Miami. This gives us a unique opportunity to reduce food miles and improve supply chain logistics for the Southeast U.S. retail distribution of citrus.

Together we are nourishing bodies & feeding healthy lives