It’s not just what we do, it’s who we are

For us, the use of technology and data isn’t just a business decision to yield e ciencies. It stems from a deep belief of our founding family that change brings opportunity. It is a belief that innovation is at the heart of continuous improvement and teaches us how to be better growers and stewards of our environment. Our purpose is greater than what we do today, and innovation will help us accomplish our vision to sustain a healthy world.

From farm to table

Integrated supply chain logistics

To provide consumers with the freshest citrus experience, it is vital that our products get to market quickly. Our integrated supply chain solutions include maritime

and inland logistics, state of the art packaging facilities and cold storage to ensure that our products move efficiently from farm to table.

Future focused agriculture

Where tradition meets innovation

Investing in the newest innovations in the groves is a win-win. Precision agriculture such as GIS, GPS, Lidar, and drone technology improves the quality of our citrus and efficiency while also minimizing our overall impact on the environment. Innovative new R&D projects such as growing in controlled environments keep our teams engaged and excited in the future of farming.

Food miles matter

That’s why we went south when everyone was going north...literally. We supply our Southeast market with fruit imported into the port of Miami rather than the traditional northern ports. Less food miles is just part of our fresher, more local, more sustainable innovative business model.

Electronic Grading
& Pre-Sorting

The optical grading technology sorting system is extensively accurate, allowing us to sort fruit destined to the juicing plant before the addition of a wax coating that is only needed on fruit traveling to the fresh produce aisle. This powerful sorting system allows us to reduce non-value adding inputs in our process.

Reduce &

Heat welding and new laser printing technology in our packinghouse allows us to print food traceability information directly on our packing film. This removes the use of a non-recyclable paper sticker and allows our HDPE netted bags to be recycled by the end-user. Small step. Big impact.

reducing our carbon footprint

Innovative solutions

As a vertically integrated citrus company, our teams work together to bring simple solutions to a complex supply chain. In the grove, at the port and at the packinghouse, we are on the ground with eyes on the fruit and our partners in mind. We are not just distributing citrus, we are interacting, exchanging ideas, and collaborating to bring you the best results. This doesn’t happen by chance - it happens through teamwork and value-alignment.

Data-driven organization

Our commitment to transparency & traceability

As a leader, we have the technology and protocols to automate and consistently deliver on our promises of food safety. With cloud-based and API technology we have access to automated data entry, live data, self-auditing tools and higher accuracy of our food traceability programs.