Florida grower

Our roots are planted in Florida where soil, climate and tradition provide an abundance of taste and freshness. From our humble beginnings to growing to 11,000 acres, our commitment comes from our passion for Florida’s exceptional taste quality and the love of the land we farm.

Summer citrus importer

We operate year-round with a quality supply of summer citrus from South America. Because we are a grower of fresh citrus as well, our partnerships are built on mutual understanding, open and honest communication and a passion for growing quality taste and fruit.

Cold storage & packing

Manual and electronic grading options and a state-of-the-art temperature controlled repack facility offers multiple packaging options including d-pack, combo bags and header bags. As a year-round citrus operation, we pass along our operational efficiency savings and continuously invest in supply chain solutions.


Our facilities are within a short distance of the Port of Miami, offering excellent ocean freight service from most South American ports. Our location provides highly cost effective transportation to the Southeast US while optimizing fruit freshness. Our scale and experience allows us to coordinate the most efficient supply chain logistics.


Our vision and values align us with retailers who share in our purpose to promote a healthy and sustainable future. Together, we delight families worldwide with fresh, responsibly grown citrus year-round. Learn more about our products.

Technology to drive progress

Electronic grading & pre-sorting

The optical grading technology sorting system is extensively accurate, allowing us to sort fruit destined to the juicing plant before the addition of a wax coating that is only needed on fruit traveling to the fresh produce aisle. This powerful sorting system allows us to reduce non-value adding inputs in our process while consistently delivering the freshest, tastiest citrus of the season.

Reduce & reuse

Heat welding and new laser printing technology in our packinghouse allows us to print food traceability information directly on our packing film. This removes the use of a non-recyclable paper sticker and allows our HDPE netted bags to be recycled by the end-user. Small step. Big impact.

Food miles matter

That’s why we went south when everyone was going north...literally. We supply our Southeast market with fruit imported into the port of Miami rather than the traditional northern ports. Less food miles is just part of our fresher, more local, more sustainable innovative business model.

In the grove, at the port and in the packinghouse, we are on the ground with eyes on the fruit and our partners in mind.