Inside our Florida groves, a passion for the fruits of our labor and a keen sense of responsibility towards our natural resources feeds our commitment to be the leading producer of Florida fresh citrus.

The optimism of a farmer, the science of agronomy and the love of a family.

Pushing the industry forward

future focused agriculture

Stewards of the Land

It starts with a love of the land and a commitment to the future. With this in hand, we are fueled to look at every detail, and consider every impact. We push the boundaries of what we know to learn more in the field of agronomy and adopt the new technologies that will preserve and sustain our land and resources.


By growing citrus in a controlled environment under protective screens, we are able to focus more on soil health and beneficial insects and less on pests and diseases. The end results are a more sustainable form of agriculture and healthy trees that provide higher yields of deliciously sweet citrus.


Precision agriculture such as GIS, GPS, Lidar, drone technology and smart tractors are instrumental in our grove production. Through the use of these newest technologies, we are able to accomplish more with less and continuously adopt exciting innovation that moves our industry forward.

Increasing yields. Minimizing inputs. Feeding the world.

Farming happiness under the Florida sun

Growers partnering with growers

To bring you year-round citrus

We are privileged to work with the best citrus growers in South America to bring to market their citrus in the most responsible way while creating a thriving community of global farmers. For us, this includes sharing innovative farming practices, 

reducing food miles, providing value-added packaging, creating strong retailer programs and increasing grower returns per acre.