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Where to find our citrus

Bringing the sweet taste of citrus to the aisle

Hellos, Florida’s
sweet grapefruit

Limited harvest at the peak of perfection

A nod to Florida’s sandy beaches and white grapefruit heritage, the Hellos label supports the consumer’s desire for heirloom and unique varieties with high taste profiles. Harvested from mature groves over 25 years of age, Hellos is positioned as Florida’s best-kept secret and seasonal product that invites the consumer on a tropical getaway filled with warm breezes and sandy shores during the chilly winter season.

Happy Food, a
year-round favorite

Nourishing bodies & feeding healthy lives

Fun and light-hearted, Happy Food is a broad reaching label that is accessible year-round through both the Florida and Summer Import citrus seasons. It targets the health conscious while creating a convivial social identity for citrus lovers. The label has great success in the store aisles as it invites consumers to be healthy, be happy.

Be healthy, be happy